Golf with your Friends
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Golf with your Friends

Platform Steam

Region Global

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Golf With Your Friends – key features:

  • Variety of maps and levels,
  • Vast customization possibilities,
  • Three different game modes,
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 12 players,
  • Easy controls and mechanics of the game.

Explore the field

Welcome to the mini-golf world presented by Team17. ThisĀ golf video game will let you improve your gaming skills in 13 exciting levels, which contain 18 holes each. Take your time to complete the total of 234 holes. Explore the world of various mini-golf maps, including The Escapists and Worms.

Challenge your friends

Golf With Your Friends lets you play with up to 11 other players. With simple controls and an easy game system, golf is available for players of any age, from beginners to pros. Feel free to customize your ball and enter player-created servers for more challenges. Try to create your own map and surprise your friends with your creativity. Use a wide range of powerups to increase your chances by trapping your opponents’ balls.

Choose the surroundings

The game lets you play mini-golf in various locations. Feel free to choose from Forest, Oasis, Space Station, Museum, Pirate Cove, Volcano, Candyland, and more. With Golf With Your Friends’ different maps, the game will not leave you bored! With tons of customization options, you can create a wholly unique experience for you and your friends each time you compete. And if you get tired of mini golf, you may try alternate game modes based on hockey and basketball.

Golf with your Friends
Golf with your Friends

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DEVELOPER: Blacklight Interactive, Team17

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