AnShi (PC)
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AnShi (PC)

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Grab your hoverboard and explore the ancient, mysterious world of AnShi as you glide across caves, large deserts and old temple ruins to discover its secrets.

With the company of an energy being you explore this vast world together. Discover what happened to the planet and its being. Featuring stunning visuals and an original soundtrack, AnShi delivers a relaxing, unique, breathtaking experience.


Ultimately, I think the wild experience of AnShi is worth the visit, and will definitely give you something to think about long after the credits roll.

Big Boss Battle

The music is also beautifully scored and suits the game well. It pulls back in moments of exploration and swells with emotion during storytelling moments. I don’t mind admitting I was so caught up in the emotion and delivery of the moment, I was moved to tears by the end, once the story resolved and you finally understand why our alien adventurer was surfing the lands.

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AnShi (PC)
AnShi (PC)

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DEVELOPER: Andre Ledermüller, Heideland GameWorks
PUBLISHER: Lion Castle Entertainment

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