Overcooked! 2
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Overcooked! 2

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Why you should buy Overcooked! 2:

  • You would love to stir one more pot in the Onion Kingdom.
  • You wish to test your friends’ reflexes and cooking skills.
  • You’re brave enough to face the evil toasts!

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Embark on a brand new culinary adventure in Overcooked! 2! The continuation of the world bestseller couch/online co-op will push your reflex and cooking skills to the limit. Gather your teammates and take on the challenge to save the Onion Kingdom from the hunger of The Unbread – the zombie toasts!

Cooking together is more fun

Work together or compete with each other on various levels, where time is the key! Travel across the brand new overworld map by land, sea, and air. Unlock new themes, like a sushi restaurant, magic school, mine, and even an alien planet! Check which one of you is the best chef and deserves all those precious four stars!

Extend your menu

On your journey across the Onion Kingdom, you’ll stumble upon many challenges during which you’ll learn a plethora of new recipes. Get ready to become a splendid sushi master or the best confectionery chef, whose cakes are famous all over the kingdom. Prepare some mouth-watering burgers and delicious pizzas.

Move wisely

A kitchen is a place full of dangers, especially at rush hour. Luckily, in Overcooked! 2, you get access to some useful mechanisms that will help you move smoothly even when the oil is burning. Use teleports and moving platforms to move around quicker and save time by throwing ingredients across the kitchen. Think quick and serve the dishes first!

Overcooked! 2: key features

  • Creative new levels,
  • Plenty of new recipes.
  • Crazy co-op-focused gameplay,
  • Perfect party game for players of every age,
  • New abilities and upgraded mechanisms.
Overcooked! 2
Overcooked! 2

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DEVELOPER: Ghost Town Games Ltd., Team17

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