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MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher video game developed and published by Triternion in 2019. It focuses on fast-paced combat based on player versus player skills, where it is important to use different tactics to succeed. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and is available on PC (Windows).
Gameplay and combat
MORDHAU is a game played from a third and first person perspective. The main element of the gameplay is hand-to-hand combat, but it is not limited to melee combat. Players can also use bows or crossbows to eliminate enemies from a safe distance, set traps to surprise unsuspecting enemies, charge on horseback to break through enemy defenses or operate siege machines in the form of catapults and ballistas.

The game is known for its advanced combat mechanics, which allow you to, for example, pick up an axe thrown at you or break down doors, knocking over enemies standing right behind them. Implemented mechanics sometimes bring unexpected and funny effects, such as the ability to destroy boulders from catapults, shooting arrows at them. There is also a taunting option, allowing you to make gestures towards enemies and show off your confidence.

Combat requires a careful approach, as the game uses a friendly fire system. This means that you can accidentally hit and kill your teammates.

Custom classes and plenty of cosmetic options

There are no typical character classes in MORDHAU. Instead, you get 16 points that you can spend on any items or perks you want to use in the game, so you can create your own class. Decide for yourself whether it is worth spending more points on heavier armor, which provides more defense at the expense of mobility, or whether cheaper light armor will suffice.

Make some compromises here and there to save some points and spend them on better weapons, or invest them in one of the game-changing perks, such as bloodlust, which replenishes your health after killing an enemy. Or you can reach for the lute and play music on the battlefield by uploading MIDI files to third-party software

The choice is yours – spend your 16 points wisely.

Additionally, you have the ability to customize your character’s appearance – virtually every part of your armor can be customized to your liking. This even applies to the patterns on some of your clothes, as well as the adjustable colors on most pieces of armor. What’s more, weapons are also customizable. For example, you can change the shafts, sheaths and blades of your two-handed sword to give it a unique look.

Available game modes

The game emphasizes multiplayer, with the option to fight against computer-controlled opponents, although the latter option does not reward players with gold or experience. If someone wants to play against bots and still earn rewards, they might consider playing in Horde mode, in which players team up to fight waves of NPC invaders.

Battle Royale mode in Mordhau

Other modes include Frontline, in which players join one of two 32-player opposing teams and fight a large-scale battle with the goal of taking the opposing team’s points from 1,000 to 0; Deathmatch, in which players can instantly respawn after being killed and the one with the most kills wins; and Battle Royale, in which everyone starts at a random location and must loot equipment, kill other participants, and remain the last man standing in a shrinking play area.


MORDHAU (PC) received very positive reviews that praised the extremely satisfying, fluid and deep melee combat. Players appreciated the presence of a wide variety of weapons and armor, as well as cosmetic items, with the ability to acquire most items with in-game currency earned during matches. The seemingly unlimited customization of equipment was also positively reviewed.

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Developer: Triternion
Publisher: Triternion

Technical requirements

Processor: Intel Core i5 - 4670 or AMD equivalent
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 680 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Disc space: 20 GB available space

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